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Java certification

The purpose of this guide is to clarify the most common questions from people who are interested in taking the Java certification (OCA - Oracle Certified Associate and OCP - Oracle Certified Professional). The document presents the information in a question and answer format in order to facilitate understanding.

The certification alone does not guarantee employment to anyone. However, a professional certificate is recognized by the market as a professional that dominates the Java language as well. For some companies, at the time of hiring, this may be a differential.

Never took a certification of Java. Where should I start?

Oracle has several certifications in Java technology. Among them, the first is that you should take the Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE Programmer. This certification is a prerequisite for the next, Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE Programmer.

To know each Java certifications, you can access the official site:

When the Sun Java certifications controlled, proof existed SCJP - Sun Certified Java Professional, who was for many years the certification of entry obtained by Java developers. With the latest certification launched by Oracle on the Java 7, there have been changes. Oracle created the Associate and Professional levels and restructured the evidence. So from now on, so you need to get the Professional level before compulsorily obtain the Associate level. In practice, this means that you should do both tasks.

The Softblue prepares me to take the OCA and OCP certifications?

The courses Fundamentals of Java and the Java Advanced Softblue cover almost the totality of what is seen in the proof (you can check this by comparing the menu of courses with what is charged in the proof of certification). However, they can not be considered preparations.

The certification exams charge very detailed aspects of Java. Moreover, the evidence is full of "gotchas" that can easily confuse the candidate who does not know very well given topic. For these reasons, it is recommended to learn Java studying for the exam. It is wise to first learn Java and then study some material exclusively focused on the race, which he examines in depth the issues of the categories imposed by Oracle.

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